The transporter at home in the Netherlands and the uk

For Thomas Boers, transport to and from England is literally daily business, several times a day. Our two branches, in Hoek van Holland and Witham, are strategically located in line with the ferry connection Hoek van Holland-Harwich. Our jumping-off point covers not only the whole of the Netherlands but also England and Scotland: from Land's End to John o' Groats. Our fleet consists of our own lorries and drivers.

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Our primary strength is in groupage. Large or small consignments, destinations around the corner or further afield. A smart planning system makes it possible to determine the ideal layout and route last-minute. Additionally, because we cover two markets, return freight is assured. This increases the efficiency of the operation.

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BILlingual Employees

We also like to keep lines short internally and this is something we excel in: medium-sized as may be, we are, above all, highly flexible. Offices in both countries are in close contact with one another. Employees are bilingual, as are all drivers. Modern equipment further increases reliability and trucks operate for an average of six years, only to be replaced by the most economical and sustainable option. A track-and-trace system is standard to monitor progress in real-time.

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REFRigerated transnational transport

A recent addition is the possibility of refrigerated transport, made possible by the acquisition of Theo Tanke BV from Hoek van Holland and the possession of cooling trailers. Fruit and vegetables can now make their way to destinations primarily in the countries surrounding the Netherlands.


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