Extensive possibilities for the storage of non-perishable goods

The collection of varying shipments is a key component of our work. A major advantage is that we have our own storage facilities for goods storage, both in the Netherlands and in the UK. In Hoek van Holland we have 18,000 square meters at our disposal, Witham has 1,000 square meters. Both locations accommodate the storage of non-perishable products. With the planned expansion of docks on the Dutch side, we will soon be able to carry out the cross-docking process even more efficiently.

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These extensive options for the temporary storage of goods, also called warehousing, greatly increase our flexibility. This allows us to combine loads in the most efficient way towards the final destination. And through cross-docking, we ensure fast throughput in processing incoming deliveries into outgoing freight. Naturally, you can rely on the security of your cargo. Both locations are well secured, hygienic, and heated. Besides storage, we also offer the added-service options upon request.

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