Transport from A to B, business to business

Netherlands - England, vice versa. It is the fixed route every day at Thomas Boers. We are the leading specialist for cross-Channel transport from the Netherlands. A reliable specialist, first and foremost.  With 125 years of experience — more than half a century of which on the English Channel — we know how crucial agreements are to freight transport. Collecting freight on time, delivering orders by the agreed deadline. With a compact organisation, we monitor processes 24/7. With a service-oriented attitude, anything is possible and our unparalleled flexibility means that we always have a suitable solution. As long as it fits in a trailer!

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Partner in business to business

With a rich 125-year history, we have been dedicated to continuous professionalisation. In people, in equipment. This makes Thomas Boers a trusted extension of your own organisation. It is no surprise then that we have held this role for decades with well-known forwarding agents and other clients on both sides of the Channel, who entrust transport in England or the Netherlands to us.

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